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Education and Reading

NRC Plus Classes ~ Eleanor Kellon VMD
Dr. Eleanor Kellon’s online Equine Nutrition Education Programs. Courses include basic balancing, interpreting blood work, feeding the performance horse, targeting problems with nutrition, as well as several short courses. CEU's available with several organizations. 

NRC Plus – this is the foundation course of Dr. Kellon’s online educational series. 

NRC – National Research Council - this is the nutritionist’s handbook.
The book: Nutrient Requirements of Horses: Sixth Revised Edition 

The NRC online requirements calculator 

Horse Journal Guide to Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals 
by Eleanor Kellon, VMD. 
A guide to supplements, their applications and unbiased evaluations of products on the US market. 

Understanding Equine Nutrition 
by Karen Briggs
This is a very readable interpretation of NRC guidelines. 
(and other online bookstores)