AZ Copper Complete

AZ Copper Complete – a Custom Regional Mix for Western Hays

About AZ Copper Complete

AZ Copper Complete is a high copper supplement I originally formulated for my personal horses to counter the high iron found in many Western and Southwestern hays. It reflects the results of several years of analysis of Bermuda and mixed hay found in Arizona, including hay originating throughout AZ as well as California's Imperial Valley and Colorado.

This is a complete supplement – no other mineral supplements or fortified feeds should be fed but you may safely add joint supplements or herbs when feeding AZ Copper Complete.

AZ Copper Complete will not specifically balance every hay – the only way to do that is by testing each load.  It will provide safe adequate levels of minerals and vitamins to complement most Western hays. 

AZ Copper Complete is manufactured, sold and shipped by HorseTech. This ensures quality and freshness. In order to keep the cost as affordable as possible, there is no marketing, re-selling or re-labeling and I receive no compensation from the sale of this supplement!

AZ Copper Complete is appropriate for all horses. If your horse is already receiving a quality supplement (one that provides generous levels of essential nutrients) you will not see a dramatic difference. You will, over time, appreciate subtle improvements in hoof and coat quality, work tolerance and recovery, comfort and general health.

AZ Copper Complete is not a “magic bullet” supplement meant to fix all problems. It does not substitute for appropriate diagnosis and management of metabolic, hoof or lameness issues but does provide a high level of support for prevention and rehabilitation.

For complete information including ingredients, analysis and weight based-feeding recommendations, 

please view or download the pdf file below.

To order AZ Copper Complete, go to - Popular Custom Products.

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Mar 22, 2013, 1:35 PM
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