Balancing and Consults

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Independent Nutrition Consults and Forage

 Balancing by Desert Equine Balance 

I am currently accepting a limited number of new clients for diet and mineral balancing. Email:

Email consult –

Evaluation and customization of your feeding plan beginning at $75 for basic hay balancing based on your analysis results (single hay, 1-2 horses).  Includes email follow-up.

Complex plans include additional forages, pasture and feeds, and/or multiple horses with differing or specialized requirements including training and performance, mare and foal diet management and young stock.

Updates and Revisions - substantial changes to original plan (does not include balancing new hay test results - see basic hay balancing)

Spreadsheet review and coaching - with goal for you to become independent in using them.  (Dr. Kellon's NRCPlus class advised.)

Starting at $75

Complex plans average $95 to $135

Updates starting at $55

Starting at $55

Onsite Consult in Tucson and Southern Arizona –

Extensive onsite evaluation and customization of your feeding program.  Includes teaching, printed materials and email follow-up. Please plan for a minimum of two to three hours and feel free to invite your veterinarian.

Onsite follow-up is additional.

Onsite consults start at $95 (plus mileage outside Vail and Eastside Tucson)

Outside of Southern Arizona area consider email consult

Onsite Consult with Hay Sampling –

Includes onsite evaluation and customization of your feeding program as above, plus coring 1 hay sample, shipping, analysis by DairyOne Forage Lab (see lab and shipping fees below), interpretation of results, custom supplement formula with feeding plan and email or phone follow-up.

Onsite follow-up is additional.

Onsite consults with hay coring start at

$115 (+ mileage outside Vail and Eastside Tucson) plus DairyOne lab fees and shipping

Complex plans additional

Hay Sampling (coring) only -   

Service includes coring 1 hay sample, shipping, analysis by DairyOne Forage Lab (see lab and shipping rates below). Does not include interpretation (balancing). 

Hay samples should not be mixed or combined -this will provide inaccurate results. "Combining" multiple hays is done during  interpretation of test results and balancing.


$35 plus mileage, lab fees and shipping

Additional samples - $10 per sample (minimum 20 cores taken) plus lab fees.

DairyOne Lab Fees

Basic forage NIR plus wet chemistry minerals starting at $28

Wet Chemistry starting at $52
Nitrates  add $9
Selenium test add $35
Additional tests available starting at $6

Minimum $28

Average lab fees per sample $37-$72

Lab fees are itemized on your invoice

Shipping - 

Flat rate Priority Mail to DairyOne Forage Lab

Single hay sample $5.25

2 - 5 samples $11.50

Travel - 

Outside Vail and Eastside Tucson area

$0.56/mile (charged one way)                            



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