Additional Balancing Resources

Many graduates of Dr. Kellon's NRC Plus courses in the US and around the globe assist with hay balancing on an informal basis or coach other NRC Plus grads.  A donation to the ECIR Group is requested if you receive assistance from these volunteers to acknowledge the time spent and to further the advocacy for owners and equine professionals who are reached everyday with critical information, help and support.

Some of these grads may not be able to provide complete balancing but have offered to help locate resources in your country or region.  If you are a graduate of  NRC Plus, make sure you join the NRC Plus Grads group for additional resources.

If you are an NRC Plus graduate and wish to assist others with balancing and resources, contact me by email to be included here.  

United States -
Valeree Smith
Southern CA
Balancing assistance based on your hay analysis. US & Canada.
Help with resources. Experienced; graduate of all of Dr. Kellon's nutritional classes.

Kathy Brinkerhoff


Experienced  US and Canada

I will help you to interpret your hay analysis and I will provide assistance in resourcing cost effective solutions.

I have completed all of Dr. Kellon’s nutrition courses.



Australia and New Zealand -
Balanced Equine Nutrition & Hoofcare 

Canada -

Europe -

Middle East -

Sweden - 
Lars Albrektsson has limited time but can help with interpretation of hay analysis test results 
and conversion into the units used in your country. 
Lars can be contacted at or on the NRC Plus Grads group. 

Norway -
Katarina Østerklev is a graduate of Dr. Kellon's NRCPlus courses.

South America -

United Kingdom -
Forage Plus Intelligent Nutrition 

The Healthy Horse Company