Equine Nutrition Balancing Spreadsheets

The Hay and Ration Balancing Spreadsheets have been moved to a limited access site which will require that you request access and agree to the following terms.

These spreadsheets were developed from equations and other data presented in the 6th revised edition of the "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" (NRC, 2007), and also make use of guidelines developed by Eleanor Kellon, VMD. Use of these spreadsheets requires knowledge of equine nutrition, interactions between nutrients and other factors that can influence nutrition in individual horses.

The spreadsheets are a tool for doing mathematical calculations and the resulting calculations are not and should not be considered as recommendations. The calculations in the spreadsheets in no way replace the information in the published "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" (NRC, 2007), or in the equine nutrition courses offered by Dr. Kellon or other programs of study, or recommendations provided by an independent equine nutrition consultant or your veterinarian.

The user is required to enter specific information about the horse/s characteristics (class, age, weight, activity status, etc.) and about the feeds involved.  Because of the many variables involved and judgments that must be made in choosing inputs and interpreting results, the spreadsheet developer can not be responsible for the accuracy of the input or the resulting calculations and the user is solely responsible for risk of use.  In addition, the user should have both a working knowledge of Excel (or similar applications which can be used with Excel workbooks) and the knowledge of how to manually calculate a balanced equine ration as a check for possible errors.

If you are a graduate of Dr. Kellon's Equine Nutrition program, you may see differences in how some nutrients are calculated.  l have tried to stay at or close to Dr. Kellon's guidelines; most differences are small and caused by rounding, using different starting points in the mathematical calculations, etc. Any major differences should be considered errors requiring review of the users's input or possible alteration of the calculation formulas.

By requesting access, you confirm that you have read the above, have an understanding of equine nutrition and basic spreadsheet usage which will allow you to provide the necessary input and correctly interpret the results, and that you take full responsibility for any risk involved in utilizing these tools.  

If you agree, CONTACT ME BY EMAIL to request access. Please include your name and use the email you intend to use when downloading spreadsheets.


It is a violation of this agreement to share the link and access information I send you.

My recently reviewed and updated Original Paper/Pencil Hay Analysis worksheet is available as a free downloadable pdf below.

I have also created a Basic version as a "fill-in" worksheet which is avaialble for free download on Google Drive 

There is a Basic Example Worksheet to give you an idea of what you're looking for, a Basic Blank Worksheet for you to download, print and fill in, some additional links about where to find the NRC Requirements for your horse to help get you started and an About the Mineral Balancing Worksheets file to read before you begin.

Both the Original Hay Analysis Worksheet and the Basic worksheets will take you step by step through the math.

If you find the tools on this website helpful, please consider a small contribution to acknowledge the time, effort and cost it
takes to develop and maintain them.  Thank you.

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