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Equine nutrition isn't rocket science - or at least it shouldn't be. On the other hand, today's horses often need more than a grassy field or a flake of hay.  

How do we find the balance between nature and the real world our horses live in? How do we help them thrive and be the best they can be - not only to perform brilliantly when young but to develop to their full potential as they mature? Can we really take an animal created to run on unlimited range and expect them to remain sound and happy in the confined spaces we create for them? How is it wild horses survive on what they can find in the course of their travels while our domestic companions seem to need costly feeds and supplements?

Fortunately there are many tools available to help us determine what our equine companions and athletes need and how to best provide for them in different situations. Many, including targeted discussion groups,the NRC online "requirements" program and articles (some excellent, others merely "advertising") provided by feed and supplement manufacturers, can be found for free, Other useful tools - such as hay analysis, diet balancing and nutrition classes - are reasonably priced and provide excellent return on investment.  

We can use these tools to optimize our horse's nutrition without breaking the bank. In fact a mineral balanced diet designed with the age, type and work load of the horse in mind is usually less costly than many out of the bag "one size fits all" feeding programs.

My goal is to help you access and learn to use these tools so you can ask the right questions and make the best, well informed decisions for your horses. 

Building an optimized feeding plan for your horse is something you can begin right now. 

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It's more than a shiny coat - attitude, soundness 
and vibrant good health begin inside.

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